What are Supershoes?

Technology has always found its way into sports making the clothes we wear, equipment we use and gear we carry lighter, cooler, safer and more efficient. In theory what that all adds up to is decreased risk for injury and improved athletic performance. Athletic shoes have done the same. You may remember when everyone had to have a minimalist sneaker (like On Cloud or VivoBarefoot), then there are the super cushioned shoes (think Hoka), and some that are a combination now you may be wondering about the latest innovation “supershoes”. 

Supershoes are racing shoes that can be worn on the track or roads. They combine bouncy lightweight midsole foams with a carbon-fiber plate to create a light and springy shoe that improves running economy. Research in sports biomechanics show they are reducing the amount of work a runner must do while running at a given speed. This latest technology is not quite as new as it sounds. Supershoes were introduced to road running in 2016 and to the track in 2019.

Finding the right running shoe starts with looking at your foot type. When you check your arch, is either flat, high or neutral? Secondly, it will also support your running style. We all naturally pronate, meaning the arch drops as we roll from heel to pushing off on big toe therefore, we all fall into the category of a normal pronator, over pronator or under pronator. Next, consider the type of training you are doing. Think walking, trail running, high intensity interval training or long road runs. Lastly, we can not forget to take into account our previous injuries and long-standing imbalances.

I believe it is well worth the investment to work with a human movement specialist and get a proper shoe fitting before venturing into a new training program. That also goes for new injuries and recurrent injuries. In our office we can do a whole-body movement assessment as well as evaluated the biomechanics of the foot and ankle. In some cases, we will refer out for a running gait analysis and frequently refer to the running shoe specialists in our area as well. Call us today to get set up for your initial visit. We look forward to helping you make it your best year yet!

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