"Where do I start?! From my first appointment at Triad, the entire staff has been absolutely wonderful. I feel welcomed each time I walk in the door and all of my questions are answered. As far as chiropractic care, I have a lot to compare and Jennifer is one of the best. She makes me feel very comfortable and is thorough in my adjustments.She takes good notes which prepares her for each of my visits. I do not have to explain my problem spots each time I come in for a visit. Outside of chiropractic care, Jennifer takes a holistic approach to health and well-being, which is not always a common and shared approach. Over time , I feel as though I can learn a lot at Triad on how to live a more healthy and balanced life. I see myself being a long time patient at Triad."

Jennifer L.

"I am a new patient and my experience so far has been exceptional. Dr. McCleary is patient, and is willing to answer any questions you may have. I have been in a treatment plan, and I can already notice an improvement with how I feel even though its only been a few weeks. I would highly recommend Dr.McCleary , in fact I have recommended her to my partner, and she is going to start chiropractic treatment as well."

Renee R. 

"I've been a patient for almost 8 years now. I went from having regular headaches to having almost none. With Dr. McCleary's help, I've made it through two full marathons and two pregnancies almost back-to-back nearly pain-free! I also recently had acupuncture done in her office that successfully jump started my labor within hours of my visit."

Erin H.

"I first found Dr. McCleary when I was trying to help my husband with his recurrent back pain. He'd seen a chiropractor before, but never, ever raved about how pain-free he was (after just one month) like he did with Dr. McCleary.

I was having back pain myself, thanks to pregnancy and then some heavy/awkward baby lifting, so he suggested I see Dr. McCleary myself. I kind of dismissed it at first because I'd never been to a chiropractor and figured I'd just deal with the pain. But eventually I went because I was having severe muscle spasms.

Dr. McCleary took a very customized and personalized approach to her method. After every session, I felt better, but for the first month or so, the pain was still somewhat there. Fast forward to about 1.5 months of seeing her, my pain was virtually non-existent. And, as a bonus, a recurring cough that I'd had for more than a year (no joke) was gone! She mentioned that that could be a welcomed result of the adjustments, and I was so shocked that it was.

Beyond just her skilled approach, Dr. McCleary is a lovely person. She's so friendly and truly cares about her patients. I'm always so impressed that she remembers details of our last visit, no matter how long it's been since the last one. The other staff is also super sweet and they make it such a pleasant experience every time I'm there.

I'd recommend Dr. McCleary to anyone I know. Go see her now!!"

Serena M.

"I was so glad to find Dr. McCleary, as she does both chiropractic & acupuncture. We have found that she is well-skilled at both, and that she and her team work very well together for the benefit of every patient. Often I even fall asleep during the acupuncture session, as they are usually painless, especially once the needles are in. When I have had her treatments I notice less pain, a greater sense of well-being, and sleep better for at least a night or two, which is really saying something, in that I have a number of pain issues and chronic illnesses. We so appreciate the help we've gotten from the wonderful, compassionate, skillful Triad team!"

Alicia W.

"I want to tell folks how much better my sore back is by seeing Dr. McCleary. She has helped me very much. I have also tried her acupuncture. This has also helped my pain drop. She is very skillful at both studies. I highly recommend Dr. McCleary's services. Bless her skillful and helpful staff, especially Rachael, who helps get us in for appointments. We live 3 1/2 hours from St Louis and scheduling is very important to us since we spent the night and see Dr. McCleary as much as we can during that time."

Rick W.

"I have been under the care of Dr. McCleary numerous times in the last 8 years, each time following a sports related lower back injury. She truly is a lifesaver and brings pain-relief with each treatment. Lower back pain can be debilitating but with Dr. McCleary's assistance I was able to avoid a risky and costly surgery. She listened to exactly what I was feeling and carefully crafted a strategy that led to my recovery."

Justen M.

"One month ago I somehow was injured playing basketball. Since I celebrate my 61st birthday this month I was nervous that my hoops career was over. The injury occurred on a Monday night and by Tuesday and Wednesday I could barely walk. Worse was that I could not identify the pain. That Wednesday I had my first visit and felt some relief immediately. I realized that the pain was in my hip and over the next couple of weeks and 3 visits to the office I felt gradually better and better. Long story short, last Monday I returned to play and got 3 games in."

Tom S.

"I started seeing Dr. McCleary about 2 months ago and there has been an amazing transformation within me. The main reason I started going was to help with my headaches and see if she could reduce my back pain. In addition to that, my leg and neck hurt. I had headaches about 6 days a week which has been on-going for several years. I was waking up around midnight-2am and then up every hour until I started work at 530am. I'm now down to 1-2 headaches a week. My leg and back give me only minor problems now. What I'm most impressed with now is I can SLEEP! I'm sleeping until around 4am now, which I don't recall the last time I slept that soundly. I'm also training to run two 5ks this spring. I've never 'enjoyed' going to see a doctor before but I actually look forward to these visits."

Amy S.

"I'm a Professional Basketball Player in Europe and the sport has taken a toll on my body over the course of the years but I can definitely say that natural health solutions have enabled me to prolong my career. Years ago I was naive to chiropractic and acupuncture. Dealing with universities and professional clubs the main thing was to be able to play and most of the time that means taking painkillers to mask the problem. Once I started using conservative health care like chiropractic, acupuncture and nutrition my body reacted in an amazing way because we were attacking the foundation of the problems whether its ankles, knees, back and etc. After using natural health for so many years now and knowing my body I can instantly tell when there's some imbalance going on.

For example, I recently had pain in my knees, ankles and tightness in my hamstrings. I came to Dr. McCleary and had my back and hips adjusted which helped my hamstrings in a matter of minutes, then got an acupuncture treatment for my knee. The acupuncture provided immediate relief from the pain and bloated sensation I had in the knee. I mean you can actually feel the tension releasing from the knee and it’s like the greatest feeling! I was about to resume my daily workouts later that day and my body felt so alive and healed.

I know without a doubt that natural health care has enabled me to play basketball this long and have a healthy lifestyle. I will continue this same process when my playing days are far from over because it has done so much for me and my entire family, physically, spiritually and mentally."

Maurice J.

"I had a unique injury where my lower abdominal muscle were in severe pain for 5 1/2 days. Thinking it was possibly a kidney problem, unhealthy pregnancy, or severe intestinal problems, I almost chose to go to an internist. However, I decided to go to the Chiropractor first. They tried a new machine called the "Pro Adjuster". My severe pain went away immediately! There was only a small residual pain that went away that night or the next day. I don't remember because it was so minimal compared to the excruciating pain from the 5 prior days. It was an amazing miracle."

Stephanie B.

"I have spent five years as a world class track and field athlete with Nike. As a triple jumper, my body has endured years of constant pounding and stress. The stress began to add up and caused constant pain in my lower back as well as painful back spasms. I got tired of not being able to walk due to horrible back spasms following competition, and I finally decided to do something about it.   Once I had began working with Dr. McCleary, I began to notice significant changes and improvement in my mobility. I finally reached a point where I am pain free and I don't have to worry about celebrating my victories in pain anymore."

LeVar A.

"I met Dr. McCleary exactly one year ago with major back problems. I was heavily medicated with high dosages of medications in which did not relieve any of my pain. By seeing her three times a week to tapering off to two times a month, I feel like a new person. I am walking better and I am no longer in major pain anymore. I truly enjoy and appreciate everything she has done for me. She has been a life saver for me. I tell my friends and family about her all the time."

Tracy C.

"My experience with chiropractic care given by Dr. McCleary has been beneficial
both physically and mentally in that you learn that if the body, spinal system
is out of alignment that can cause other problems through out your body. I came to Dr. McCleary more than a month ago and the back and neck and shoulder pain is gone and it also has a lot to do with her knowledge of the body and how it works, plus good bedside manner and concern for her patients."

Gregory D.

"I suffered an injury to my left rear deltoid back in 2004.   I tried several different forms of physical therapy but none helped.   However after my completion of my treatment with Dr. McCleary my shoulder fully recovered. She's patient and very effective!   And the taping she does is phenomenal!"

Oliver H.

"I came to Dr. McCleary because of some discomfort I was having in my wrist, which turned out to be carpal tunnel.  When I came here for the first time I was also extremely apprehensive of chiropractic care.  Dr. McCleary is very gentle, and has really helped me understand how chiropractic care benefits me.  I feel great!  Dr. McCleary has helped me think about  great exercise alternatives that are gentle on my body as well as inspired me to find out more about how the body works and functions."

Karalea S.

"During pregnancy your body goes through many changes. With this being my first pregnancy I was unaware of the physical aches and pains that would occur.   Dr. McCleary was prompt about seeing me and working gout a treatment plan to help issues with my hip. She helped me in the office and educated me about exercises and tools to use at home between visits.   I am writing this while eight months pregnant and pain free."

Colin M. 

"I am very new to the chiropractic field after experiencing constant headaches for the past year and a half and constantly taking over the counter pain medications trying to relieve these daily pain problems. I was reading the newspaper and had seen this chiropractic ad that mentioned treating headaches to my surprise. Up until that time I was convinced chiropractors only involved back injuries or some type of therapy involving back problems. After being associated with Triad Chiropractic's care I can happily say my pain the past year and a half which was every day constant has significantly been reduced and I would recommend Dr. McCleary and Triad Chiropractic to any one experiencing any type of discomfort or pain."

Dennis J.

"I moved to St. Louis earlier this year and the choice of a chiropractor was very important to me. I am an endurance athlete who regularly competes in long distance triathlons, which comes with numerous aches and pains due to the rigors of training. Many of these have been chronic. Dr. McCleary has done an excellent job of treating not only the areas of discomfort, but also working to find the causes to significantly reduce or eliminate the ongoing issue. She combines a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between the various muscle groups and joints with the ability to ask the right questions and listen to the answers in order to find a solution. This is all done with a treatment plan that ensures my comfort."

Tim F.

"I've had two back surgeries in the last twenty years. They left me with a damaged nerve in my left leg. The only way I have had any relief was with continued visits to a chiropractor. Unfortunately, I have found some good ones and some bad ones. But, ever since I started coming to Dr. McCleary she has helped me considerably. I can walk without too much problem in my left leg. Monthly visits help strengthen my leg."

Michael G.

"I suffered with a bulging disk for two years. A friend of mine was always telling me to go see a chiropractor. I decided o go and see Dr. McCleary. I can't believe how great I am feeling now since going to see Dr. McCleary. The back and leg pain, the pressure on the spinal cord and nerve roots are not there anymore. I cannot say enough of the qualities of the care that Dr. McCleary has. I will refer her to family and friends. Dr. McCleary has characteristics of a doctor that are seldom found today."

Loria L.

"I have had a problem with my knees, back and neck for years. My doctor wanted me to get a knee replacement. I thought and thought about it. My daughter told me I should try her chiropractor and maybe that would help my back, knees and neck...I have been going for one week and in just two visits, I feel as though I could run a marathon. I feel great! My knees feel great, no more back and neck pain. I thank God for my chiropractor."

Vera T.

"I can't believe how great I feel after being treated by Dr. McCleary. I have had back pain on and off 15+ years. After being literally bed ridden from the pain, I decided to finally get in to see a chiropractor. Choosing her name in my list of providers was because she was the closest, I wasn't sure what to expect. Wow, was I amazed. She knew just what I needed. After just a few treatments, I feel better than I had in 15 years. I was able to go on a car trip of 3000 miles without a back ache. I can't even remember the last time I could do that."

Christine C.

"I am a young woman in her twenties that has had back surgery for the correction of a crooked spine. Before going to Dr. McCleary I experienced neck pain and shoulder pain that radiated up my neck to give me headaches. Lower back pain was present due to working retail and standing on my feet for long periods during the day. I was sick often and needed to take antibiotics for relief. Dr. McCleary has used different techniques such as acupuncture and regular adjusting techniques to relieve my pain. I am rarely sick or have headaches anymore. I've learned the importance of good posture, drinking water and regular visits. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Her passion, professionalism and unique personality builds trust and confidence, making you feel at ease during treatment. Thank you Dr. McCleary for making chiropractic a priority in my life as well as my future family."

LaCesha J.

"Dr. McCleary relieved my back discomfort and educated me on the benefits of chiropractic care. I had no idea that the alignment of your spine has such a great impact on your overall health. Now, I am an avid follower of the chiropractic way of life, from proper nutrition, daily exercise, and regular chiropractic treatments."

Marlon L.

"Dr. McCleary has made such a positive impact on my health and my life. She brings a broad spectrum of experience and knowledge to the table and I am continually amazed at all she can do-I can go to her with everything from back pain to head colds. Dr. McCleary's holistic approach to chiropractic health leaves you walking away feeling great from head to toe."

Dixie S.

"Before seeing Dr. McCleary I honestly did not know much about chiropractic care and was a bit hesitant about whether or not it would be effective in treating my back pain. However, after experiencing lower back pain in January 2009, I decided to go. I was immediately impressed by how welcoming and caring Dr. McCleary and her staff were! Everyone seemed to truly care about my health and well being. Dr. McCleary helped to deal immediately with pain management and put me quickly on a rehabilitation plan. What I liked most was that she explained the healing process involved in the rehab program and showed me what I can do to improve myself in the long term. I was amazed to see how quickly  my pain went away and how much better I started to feel! I have since referred friends and co-workers to Triad Sports and Family Chiropractic and they have all been very satisfied! Everyone at the practice has truly become like a family to me!"

Jacob S.

"I was referred to Dr McCleary from my primary care physician for an issue with my shoulder. Never having been to a Chiropractor, I didn’t know what to expect. Also the pain was right by my pacemaker, making me nervous. Dr McCleary determined I had tendon problems in my pec and arm. After the diagnosis, Dr McCleary began working in the area. In about three weeks I was pain free. Dr McCleary is great! Her bedside manor is a 10. She began with adjustments, tapping, some in and out of office exercises. I am more than happy with Dr McCleary. Her office and assistants are always pleasant and helpful. Very modern office. Very nice setting. All with real cool music playing. I would recommend Dr McCleary to anyone."

Ken B.

"My chiropractic experience has exceeded my expectations by far! I can’t believe I suffered for so long for no reason. Dr. McCleary is a miracle worker; sometimes I find myself checking to see if the pain is really gone. I highly recommend Dr. McCleary; I have already shared my experience with everyone at work and in my family. I found that there is so much we don’t know about our bodies and I’m glad Dr. McCleary does more than fix the pain, she teaches me how to take care of my body and I feel so good every day that I can’t believe I didn't get treatment sooner."

Trevion P.

"Let me say that Dr. Jen works magic! When I first started coming my body hurt period. It hurt to sit or walk. Sleeping all night without pain killers wasn't in my world. Now I can walk, sit and sleep. I love Dr. Jen!"

Lewande L.

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