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At Triad Sports and Family Chiropractic we are motivated by inspiring people. Our company philosophy is the "Triad of Health" which states that health is lost or maintained through three main causes which can be categorized as either mental, physical, or chemical. This means that in the process of helping you to recover we also look for the underlying mental, physical, and chemical causes. They say, "once you know better you should do better." We simply understand that it is more than the knowledge that motivates people to change.  We are constantly teaching more about how to maintain balance in the body in a world or stress. By addressing the "Triad of Health" we believe that will allow us to provide some of the best conservative health care and long term results for our patients.


Chiropractic can be for individuals of every age. Our newborn patients, elderly patients and everyone in between are treated with the appropriate technique for their current structure and condition. We utilize a variety of chiropractic techniques including: Diversified, Activator, Thompson Drop, Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT), ProAdjuster, and Flexion/Distraction. We are happy to be part of health care team that cares for you and your family.


Dr. Jennifer L. McCleary founded Triad Sports and Family Chiropractic in December 2005. She perform all evaluations, chiropractic adjustments, and acupuncture treatments. When further testing is indicated such as diagnostic imaging or lab work, patients a will be referred to either a local hospital, imaging center, or testing facility near you for those studies to be performed X-rays, MRI, CT, etc. We also have a network of health care providers in orthopedics, pain management, women's health, etc. in which we will refer to when further patient care is necessary. Although some individuals do choose to use their Doctor of Chiropractic as their primary provider for conservative health care and preventative check ups, we are also happy to co-manage you health care with the Primary Care Physician you have established. 

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