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Dr. McCleary welcomes residents of St. Louis, Clayton and the surrounding areas to visit Triad Sports and Family Chiropractic when seeking wellness care. If you are seeking a chiropractor for relief from back pain, neck pain, headaches, migraines, chronic pain or injury recovery, we invite you to learn the benefits of our holistic approach. Chiropractic adjustments position your spine and joints into a healthier alignment so your body is able to restore itself. Our natural approach does not use medications or surgeries and we continue that approach as you move beyond pain relief and injury recovery. As an individual approaches the maximum corrective change, the focus is shifted to maintaining the optimal state. Some people who have a permanent condition may require the support of their chiropractor to maintain comfort and quality of life. Others will find that periodic chiropractic check ups will eliminate small problems before they become big ones. Our office will make a recommendation for periodic check ups on a frequency that matches both your lifestyle and goals.
Wellness care with our chiropractor in Clayton begins with an in-depth consultation to determine your overall health goals. Now that you are experiencing less pain, your focus returns to improving your daily health. Dr. McCleary listens to your goals and may encourage partnering your chiropractic care with our other services such as:

  • Massage therapy to de-stress and to eliminate scar tissue or muscle tension that may contribute to disrupted mobility
  • Supplements to support your health naturally and without side effects
  • Nutritional counseling so your body receives the proper nutrients for healing and protection and to eliminate food triggers or allergies
  • Corrective exercises to continue to strengthen your muscles and keep you flexible
  • Acupuncture as a complement to chiropractic care to improve energy flow and healing
  • Weight management using a combination of diet and exercise to eliminate future health risks
  • Hormone balancing for transitional life phases to avoid emotional and physical complications
  • Detoxification to clear your body and begin with a fresh slate
  • Posture awareness to protect your neck and back while standing, sitting, driving and sleeping

Our Chiropractor in St. Louis Has a Unique Approach to Wellness

Dr. Jennifer McCleary understands the value of a healthy body. This is the only body you have and we want you to enjoy years of quality living. As your chiropractic care with our St. Louis chiropractor continues, we know you will look and feel better. Our wellness care is the goal of our treatments. We know once you reach this phase that you are symptom-free and we have identified and removed the cause of your discomfort. From this point forward, our focus is keeping you healthy and strong. Please call us today at (314) 833-4600 to learn more about our three-tiered approach at Triad Sports and Family Chiropractic. 

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