Chiropractic care has helped countless countless people improve their musculoskeletal mobility, nerve function and quality of life since D.D.Palmer administered the very first adjustment in 1895. Traditional manual adjustment techniques still work beautifully for treating a wide range of conditions, but today we can also employ state-of-the-art technology in the form of sophisticated instrument-based adjustments. One of the most precise and comfortable form of instrument-based chiropractic care is the ProAdjuster method -- and our chiropractor in Clayton and St. Louis, Dr. McCleary, is happy to provide this service at Triad Sports & Family Chiropractic.


The Benefits of ProAdjuster Technology

Traditional manual chiropractic adjustments are still the most common form of chiropractic care, and our St. Louis and Clayton chiropractor routinely uses them for many different kinds of subluxation (joint alignment) problems. But some situations naturally lend themselves to adjustment techniques that pinpoint a smaller area than manual adjustments can. Additionally, many patients find the "cracking" (cavitation) sounds that often occur during manual adjustment unnerving, even though the sounds are actually harmless. If you'd rather experience an absolute minimum of sensation while knowing that your spine is receiving exactly the right amount of force for effective treatment, instrument-based techniques such as the ProAdjuster can give you both the chiropractic care you need and the reassurance you seek.

The ProAdjuster uses computerized biofeedback and extremely precise, small-scale adjustments that convey just enough force to the body to alter the joint alignment. This clinically proven system from Sigma Technologies delivers chiropractic adjustments through a handheld instrument. Our Clayton and St. Louis chiropractor passes the device along the body to identify specific areas that need be to adjusted. 

Gentle Relief for Back Pain, Neck Pain and Other Symptoms

Once our St. Louis and Clayton chiropractor has pinpointed these areas, the ProAdjuster device can administer light but effective "tapping" adjustments to the joint. A piezoelectric sensor receives and analyzes the amount of force reflected back, automatically fine-tuning and repeating the adjustment force faster than your own nerves and muscles could possibly react to it. This prevents the joint from stiffening up in reaction to the adjustments, allowing for totally pain-free (and noise-free) chiropractic adjustments.

ProAdjuster sessions are extremely safe and comfortable for all ages, making it a smart choice for pediatric adjustments as well as chronic back pain or neck pain relief in seniors. In addition to correcting spinal misalignments that cause neck pain and back pain, our Clayton and St. Louis chiropractor can just as easily use the handy, ergonomic ProAdjuster device to adjust joints in the jaw, extremities and other locations.

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