Non-Surgical Sciatica Treatment from Our Chiropractor in St. Louis

Back pain and leg pain are both potentially debilitating -- so imagine having to contend with both at the same time! If you don't have to imagine it because you're experiencing it at this very moment, then you may have sciatica. This impingement and irritation of the sciatic nerve can cause pain, and other uncomfortable symptoms that extend from the lower back all the way to the foot. But even severe or recurring sciatica cases can be treated without surgery or other invasive procedures by our chiropractor in St. Louis, Dr. McCleary.

Are you suffering from back pain and leg pain? You might have sciatica; call now to learn about non-surgical treatments from our St. Louis chiropractor.

Understanding Sciatica Symptoms

The sciatic nerve that runs through each leg is the largest single nerve in the human body. This nerve originates from major nerve roots in the lumbar and sacral spine, branching out into numerous smaller nerves in its progress through the buttock, hip and leg. Since this nerve transports all the motor and sensory data between these structures and the spinal cord, a disruption to its ability to function can produce serious and wide-ranging problems. Typical sciatica symptoms include:

  • Lower back pain (at the nerve root)
  • Hip or buttock pain
  • Sharp pains in the leg
  • Pain, tingling or numbness in the leg or foot
  • Problems with muscle control that may cause weakness and balance issues

Your symptoms may feel worse when you're sitting down, although standing and walking can also prove agonizing or physically challenging, depending on where the impingement occurs.

Spinal Adjustment and Other Natural Treatment Techniques

Several physical conditions or circumstances can cause sciatica. In many cases, an injury has caused a disc to herniate and push against a sciatic nerve root. Degenerative disc diseases involving bulging discs can also pinch these nerve roots. Years of poor posture or spinal misalignment can create chronic muscle tension and spasms. If spasms affect the piriformis muscle, which envelopes the sciatic nerve, then impingement may occur there. Happily, all of these issues can be addressed with conservative techniques such as spinal adjustment from our St. Louis and Clayton chiropractor.

Chiropractic adjustment can relieve sciatica in a variety of ways. By straightening the spinal alignment, we can normalize your balance and relieve muscle spasms. Our St. Louis chiropractor can also use chiropractic adjustment to shift errant discs away from the sciatic nerve roots, relieving pressure there. Localized pain may also be relieved through natural, drug-free therapies such as acupuncture.

In addition to spinal adjustment, exercises can help prevent future sciatica bouts. Stretches and other exercises can keep your back functioning properly, while the added muscle strength makes it easier to adopt a straight posture. Our St. Louis chiropractor can create a personalized wellness program just for you.

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