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Do you enjoy playing rugby, or are you more of an amateur tennis player? Suffering from a sports injury is the last thing you want to do regardless of what your sport of choice. Yet, as your Clayton sports chiropractor we know that sports injuries are something all players have to struggle with at one time or another. Dr. Jennifer McCleary is both a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician® and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist®. Dr. McCleary is one of the most highly experienced sports chiropractors in the St. Louis area. She is proud to spend most of her time working day to day in her clinic in Clayton but does at times travel to cover various sporting events. She is also a part of the U.S. Olympic Committee's Sports Medicine Volunteer program using her skills with Olympians at all three Olympic Training Centers. Dr. McCleary has direct experience with a wide array of  athletes of almost every sport you can think of! Just some of those sports include volleyball, soccer, football, roller derby, water polo, track and field, triathlon, rugby, BMX, basketball, baseball, cycling, gymnastics, wrestling, bobsled, luge, weightlifting, rowing, field hockey, martial arts, boxing, and the performing arts. She has provided superb care to competitive athletes and fitness enthusiasts for her entire career.  Still, she says she will "work with individuals of almost any age and activity level as long as there is a willingness to be well". So contact your chiropractor in Clayton instead of letting your knee, neck, back or nerve pain get you down. Sports injury treatment in Clayton offers both immediate and long term pain relief. Here at Triad Sports and Family Chiropractic, we offer several treatments for sports injuries. 

What Types of Sports Injuries can be Treated with Chiropractic Care by a Chiropractor in St. Louis?

The most common types of sports injuries that we treat with sports chiropractic care include sprains and strains, tendonitis, disc injuries, impingement syndromes, and "pinched nerves."  We also worked with many athletes with injuries from contact and semi-contact sports like football, rugby, basketball, soccer, and mixed martial arts. However, we also see a lot of injuries from repetitive movement sports like running, cycling, swimming, and golf. Really any sport can result in a sports injury.  We generally recommend you seek chiropractic care within three to seven days following any sports injury. Your muscles and tendons will be on the mend, and it’s time to treat them. It is the best time to begin chiropractic care of the injured area as soon as the tissue starts healing.

What Can I Expect From a Clayton Chiropractor for Sports Injury Treatment? 

After you make an appointment for Clayton's sports injury treatment at Triad Sports and Family Chiropractic, prepare for your first appointment. We will get to know you, learn more about your sports injury, and determine a level of care. Dr. Jennifer McCleary has worked with athletes performing at the Olympic level. Through her experiences Dr. McCleary has developed a keen eye and holistic approach to diagnosing and treating sports injuries. Let Dr. McCleary help you by developing your Clayton sports injury treatment play. 

What Type of Services are Available for Sports Injury Treatment by a Chiropractor in Clayton, MO?

Here at Triad Sports and Family Chiropractic we offer a range of treatments for sports injuries. This usually will include:

  • specific joint manipulation
  • soft tissue work (many different modalities done by hand or instrument assisted, like cupping)
  • kinesiology taping
  • acupuncture or dry needling
  • corrective exercise programs

After all, there are several types of sports injuries involving different degrees of pain. That’s why we start with a comprehensive consultation before choosing your sports injury treatment. For example, many of our patients need a spinal realignment to help prevent future sports injuries. As your chiropractor in Clayton, MO we also provide acupuncture, nutrition counseling, and functional rehabilitation. 

Finding Your St. Louis Chiropractor

Now that you understand what you expect from a sports injury treatment at a chiropractor, it’s time to make an appointment. Give us a call here at Triad Sports and Family Chiropractic at (314) 833-4600. As your St. Louis chiropractor Dr. McCleary is looking forward to working with you and your sports injury. Whether you are struggling with an old injury, or you have pain from a recent sports injury, we can help you. Let our team diagnose and treat your sports injury with chiropractic care in Clayton.

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