• A Major Health Transformation is Waiting For You
    If you look back to any health condition there is often a precursor and it may not be as obvious as it seems. Have you ever thought about how one thing leads to the next? A first visit at our office is to perform an assessment that looks at you as a whole person. That allows us to piece together your medical history, the physical clues in your body, and your goals. This holistic approach creates a road map to a future of your dreams. Read more
  • Understanding and Preventing Shin Splints: A Whole-Body Approach
    If you're a runner, athlete, or even just a weekend warrior, you’ve likely heard of the dreaded shin splints. Shin splints are actually very common in any sport that involves running or jumping. We are here to provide you with the best tips and tricks to prevent and manage shin splints, all while taking care of your whole body. Read more
  • Why You Can’t Fix Your Injury with Just Exercise
    I have wanted to make a blog post on this topic for a while even though I know I may ruffle a few feathers in the process. If you are Read more
  • The Healing Powers of Light
    Light-based therapy used to treat pain & inflammation can be delivered by both lasers & LED light. There is a lot of confusion around what is light therapy/photo therapy, what makes it different from laser, and for good reason. LED light therapy technology costs significantly less and is more accessible to consumers. You may have already received light therapy treatment before. Maybe you have your own infrared sauna, seen red light panels at your gym or spa, or even know of someone that uses a full-spectrum light during certain times of the year. We are going to dive into those today. Read more
  • The Joint-by-Joint Approach to Movement and Longevity
    The Joint-by-Joint approach is a concept commonly used in physical therapy, strength training, and functional movement training. It was popularized by Gray Cook and Mike Boyle, two renowned experts in Read more
  • Chiropractic Facts I Bet You Didn't Know
    Chiropractic is still very misunderstood profession by both the general public as well as amongst many health care providers. Unfortunately we have opioid crisis in this country is a real problem for so many households, and communities around our country. According to the CDC the number of death related to drug overdose rose by almost 30% from 2019 to 2020. It is important as ever to continue to dispel myths and educate about the benefits of chiropractic care, especially as an effective drug-free option for many common musculoskeletal conditions. Read more
  • What are Supershoes?
    Technology has always found its way into sports making the clothes we wear, equipment we use and gear we carry lighter, cooler, safer and more efficient. In theory what that Read more
  • In A Nutshell
    What you need to know about chiropractic and how to find a chiropractor that us "just right" for you and your family. Read more
  • Winter Workout Goals
    As the winter sets in and the holiday season is upon us, it can be challenging for many of us to find ways to keep up with a fitness routine. Read more

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