Five Ways to Make the Most of a Snow Day

Where I live in the Midwest there is at least one good snow every year, if we are lucky. Yes, I said that right. I love a snow day. There is something nostalgic about wading knee deep in snow and hearing the crunch under my boots. It reminds me of a simpler time in life when playing outdoors was both a treat and necessity. We were almost unaware of the time, or numbness that had set into our fingers and toes. When I reflect on those years it brings up feeling of joy and adventure.  If school was cancelled too, then my brother and I really felt like we won big!

Fast forward to our adult lives when time move so fast. Commitments are so big, and everything seems to be a priority. It is easy to think “how will I possibly make up for this lost day”, or “how will I ever catch up to my deadline”. I certainly have been there.  Of course there will always be cases where you can not take the day as much as you would like to. I challenge you to ask yourself if this is true for you. I also encourage my readers to reflect on how you can make the most of it when you are forced to stay home.  When things unexpectedly change at the most inconvenient time, emotions like frustration, blame, powerlessness, worry, impatience, and fear can set in quickly.  All of these emotions have the power to lower our energy in a rapid downward spiral.  The truth is, you may not be able to make up for that lost time that previously had been dedicated to something else, but there is still power in the present.

Here are some ways to raise your vibration and bring that optimism and bliss from childhood to adulthood on your next snow day.

1. Sharpen the saw

There are always things that I would like to spend more time doing that keep me inspired and refreshed for a busy week. That is one form of sharpening the saw. So let me ask you, what's at the bottom of your “professional to do list”. These are the things that I think are the most effective in stepping back into a busy week refreshed. Think of the things that you want to do and need to do but don’t do enough. My favorites include listening to a podcast to improve my craft, reading a book that inspires me, and meal prepping.

2. Get creative with your physical activity

If you are missing a workout at your favorite gym or studio, or not feeling safe to run the roads it can be hard to give yourself grace. For some people an unexpected rest day might even be a welcomed sight. Finding ways to be active is still a great way to raise our emotional vibration and keep a positive perspective. Try bundling up for a wintery hike around the neighborhood. Get out of your comfort zone by trying yoga with your kiddos. Practical things like shoveling snow a little bit at a time is also a way to break up a big task with short bursts of activity. Even if you have been lounging around watching Netflix for hours, that is a great time to get down in the floor and do some stretching or core work.

3. Catch up on rest

An hour or two of sleep that you would not usually have can be extremely restorative for your immune system, complex decision making, and your mood. If you haven’t already heard, sleep impacts our entire physiology and although each person may not need the exact same amount, it is essential to good health.  Here is how to make that happen. First of all, try to give yourself permission to rest.  Then be intentional about unplugging for a bit. You might plan to sleep in, go down for a nap while your little one is also resting, or settle in to bed an hour early.  

4. Self-care

Self-care is a very unique concept. It includes the things that help you to feel grounded, happy, and whole.   Even if are already doing great at keeping a self-care routine, a snowy day could be a great time to spend a little more time on those things that make you feel well. Meditation, journaling, a long shower or Epsom salt bath, crafting, woodworking, at home facials, snuggle up with your pet, and exercising are all great ideas.  Remember they are the habits and activities that have YOU at the center.

5. Make memories

Whether you are spending a snow day with loved ones or on your own it is a good time to break out of your normal routine and make a new memory. Grab delicious food or hot drink from a small business that is open nearby.  Make that call to a friend that you haven’t been able to catch up with in forever.  The most important thing is to be present and connected with the people and things that you choose to spend your time doing.

With these five tips I believe we can turn a loss into a big win.  If you still aren't convinced that you can take a snow day too, keep in mind, that lots of other people in your community are probably also outside of their normal routine. Most people will understand if you have to cancel an appointment or even that meeting that you have already had to reschedule twice. It is probably pretty likely that some of those people are in need of a snow day retreat too.  

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